Maestro Sylvanoo


Established In 1840

Sylvanoo is specialising in wooden frame constructions. Sylvanoo is a brand that adds an element of individuality to their bike frames through custom builds and selected wood material. Sylvanoo products are custom builds in small-scale series. Our main component is wood connected to kevlar parts.

The name Sylvanoo comes after the manufacturer of wooden bike frames Sylwan Chlebowski. Maestro Sylvanoo is an artist, crafsman and designer of wooden bike frames hand made by him from start to finish.

The history of woodcrafting is in his family for the past generations. Father, Grandfather and great grandfather were also working in the wood industry making furniture, doors and windows. 

Sylvanus (meaning “of the wood” in Latin) was a Roman tutelary deity of woods and uncultivated lands. As protector of the forest (sylvestrus deus), he especially precided over plantations and delighted in trees groving wild.

The alternative business model is based on local and customer-focused production what makes our small enterprise stand out from the masses.

Custom. Handmade. Unique.

Maestro Sylvanoo wood work

Our Philosophy

Handmade in Poland by Maestro Sylvanoo

Wood perfectly dampens vibrations, therefore riding on such a bike is extremely pleasant and no other material is able to compete with it” – says Sylwan Chlebowski.

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